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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally going to go through my gallery and clean it out. This will mean deleting anything I'm not happy with, moving art that no longer represents me to Scraps, editing all my uploaded images to conform to my current name, and deleting all my old journals up to this point. Nostalgia is fun, but at this point it utterly misrepresents me to others. I will also be going through any old deviations and hiding any personally-identifiable information, be it in descriptions or comments. I would tell people not to be offended if this happens to them, but everyone I knew back then is either no longer my friend or not active on DeviantART, so they won't care.

I have already updated my gallery layout thanks to my subscription:
  • Photography is no longer categorised into years, just one folder for it all.
  • Dirge has be consolidated into one folder, having previously been split into separate folders for the original 2004-2011 comic and the 2012 (failed) reboot, and is now split into chapters/years as sub-folders.
  • Dirge standalone art is still in its own folder, but I will consider moving that into the consolidated one.
  • I have moved the My Little Pony and Dirge art out of my Uni Work folder and into their respective groupings, and renamed Uni Work into Original Art, which is now where the contents of the Tutorials and Monster Designs folders are.
  • The contents of the Paperchildren folder has been moved into the Fan Art folder.

I've deleted a couple of pieces of old art already, but I've yet to begin my piece-by-piece trawl through the gallery (first the main, then Scraps). I see no reason I keeping old doodles/pencil sketches, and I'm tired of seeing ancient art recommended in the side-panel of my new art. Having to go through and reupload every piece with the edited name will be a huge ordeal, but the only way I will feel comfortable on this site. Sadly this will include having to edit and re-render (if I can) the videos... though I may just delete them, or at least the singing one, since a number of those comments were insults.

Hopefully I will do all of the folder editing I want to do before my subscription is up. And I really hope they stay after it is, or this will have been a huge waste of time.

And lastly, I would like to ask anyone who enjoys my art to please visit my Patreon. It is literally my only source of income right now. I am constantly trying to offer the best rewards to entice people, but I don't know what else to give. Most rewards are aimed at fans of my comic, but I do offer art rewards to some tiers - especially the higher ones, which get art each month. Thank you very much.

[Edit] Just deleted 115 Journals, 10 Scraps and 1 Deviation! This whole thing is going to take a long time, but losing the baggage feels good.

[Edit 2] Deleted 7 Deviations and 17 Scraps, and moved pages 1-70 of the original Dirge comic to Scraps, plus 13 others.

[Edit 3] Deleted 1 Deviation and moved My Little Pony images from "Fan Art" (renamed to "Other Fan Art") to a new "My Little Pony" folder, and any pony OCs into the "My OCs" sub-folder. I've also reorganised art across multiple folders, so for example, pony-themed commissions will be in both "My Little Pony" and "Commissions and Gifts".

[Edit 4] Deleted 4 Deviations, 24 Scraps and scrapped 1 Deviation. I also started to go through the old Dirge/Ninja Storyboard pages to increase the resolution and crop them. I'm reminded how awful they are.

To Do List:
Bonnie (FNAF) for friend (March 2015) - yikes
Pumpkin Pie pony for self (Nov 2016) - maybe
Pony OC + Twilight Commission for Reimachu (22nd Dec 2016)
Firewing for EmerySnowtail (January 2017 Patreon Reward) - still waiting
Firewing and AJ for EmerySnowtail (Gift) - still waiting
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