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It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally going to go through my gallery and clean it out. This will mean deleting anything I'm not happy with, moving art that no longer represents me to Scraps, editing all my uploaded images to conform to my current name, and deleting all my old journals up to this point. Nostalgia is fun, but at this point it utterly misrepresents me to others. I will also be going through any old deviations and hiding any personally-identifiable information, be it in descriptions or comments. I would tell people not to be offended if this happens to them, but everyone I knew back then is either no longer my friend or not active on DeviantART, so they won't care.

I have already updated my gallery layout thanks to my subscription:
  • Photography is no longer categorised into years, just one folder for it all.
  • Dirge has be consolidated into one folder, having previously been split into separate folders for the original 2004-2011 comic and the 2012 (failed) reboot, and is now split into chapters/years as sub-folders.
  • Dirge standalone art is still in its own folder, but I will consider moving that into the consolidated one.
  • I have moved the My Little Pony and Dirge art out of my Uni Work folder and into their respective groupings, and renamed Uni Work into Original Art, which is now where the contents of the Tutorials and Monster Designs folders are.
  • The contents of the Paperchildren folder has been moved into the Fan Art folder.

I've deleted a couple of pieces of old art already, but I've yet to begin my piece-by-piece trawl through the gallery (first the main, then Scraps). I see no reason I keeping old doodles/pencil sketches, and I'm tired of seeing ancient art recommended in the side-panel of my new art. Having to go through and reupload every piece with the edited name will be a huge ordeal, but the only way I will feel comfortable on this site. Sadly this will include having to edit and re-render (if I can) the videos... though I may just delete them, or at least the singing one, since a number of those comments were insults.

Hopefully I will do all of the folder editing I want to do before my subscription is up. And I really hope they stay after it is, or this will have been a huge waste of time.

And lastly, I would like to ask anyone who enjoys my art to please visit my Patreon. It is literally my only source of income right now. I am constantly trying to offer the best rewards to entice people, but I don't know what else to give. Most rewards are aimed at fans of my comic, but I do offer art rewards to some tiers - especially the higher ones, which get art each month. Thank you very much.

[Edit] Just deleted 115 Journals, 10 Scraps and 1 Deviation! This whole thing is going to take a long time, but losing the baggage feels good.

[Edit 2] Deleted 7 Deviations and 17 Scraps, and moved pages 1-70 of the original Dirge comic to Scraps, plus 13 others.

[Edit 3] Deleted 1 Deviation and moved My Little Pony images from "Fan Art" (renamed to "Other Fan Art") to a new "My Little Pony" folder, and any pony OCs into the "My OCs" sub-folder. I've also reorganised art across multiple folders, so for example, pony-themed commissions will be in both "My Little Pony" and "Commissions and Gifts".

[Edit 4] Deleted 4 Deviations, 24 Scraps and scrapped 1 Deviation. I also started to go through the old Dirge/Ninja Storyboard pages to increase the resolution and crop them. I'm reminded how awful they are.

To Do List:
Bonnie (FNAF) for friend (March 2015) - yikes
Pumpkin Pie pony for self (Nov 2016) - maybe
Pony OC + Twilight Commission for Reimachu (22nd Dec 2016)
Firewing for EmerySnowtail (January 2017 Patreon Reward) - still waiting
Firewing and AJ for EmerySnowtail (Gift) - still waiting
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A massive thank you to KopaLeo for her timely acceptance of my commission offer.

Dirgenesis has now become UnderwoodART! I had my reasons for choosing Dirgenesis when I did - a fitting combination of Dirge (my original comic's title) and genesis (since it began here, sort of) - but that name no longer left relevant in a world where I rarely work on Dirge anymore and mainly do pony art, so it was time to change. A unified name I could use everywhere - professionally and casually alike. Its origins are quite simple: it's my middle-name, and was my grandpa's middle-name before I chose to adopt it after he died. My interest in art is in no small part due to him, a professional artist from back in the days where catalogues were drawn, not photographed. So here we are. Hopefully you will continue to enjoy my work - nothing else is changing. Well, besides my icon, which I will get to in due time, but everyone needs an adjustment period.

Maybe you can join me next time I stream?
To Do List:
Bonnie (FNAF) for friend (March 2015) - yikes
Doubleclick for Ask-Pink-Pony Anniversary (May 2016)
PixelFrey for Ask-Pink-Pony Anniversary (May 2016)
Keira Starlight for Ask-Pink-Pony Anniversary (May 2016)
"Pink Pony" for Ask-Pink-Pony Anniversary (May 2016)
"Guest Pony" for for Ask-Pink-Pony Anniversary (May 2016)
Pumpkin Pie pony for self (Nov 2016)
*Commission* Cosmia and Screwpine for KopaLeo (Nov 12th 2016)
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So I've decided on changing the name of this account and what I'm changing it to, but I'm not prepared to spend £10 for 3 months of Core just for that, so here's the plan:

One month can be gifted to a friend for 400 points. I will open a commission slot for a single character and abstract background, which will be paid for by gifting me the one-month Core subscription. This is less than I would choose to charge, so you're getting a deal on it. The commission can be anything you like, just be sure to give as much reference as possible for the most accurate result. Comment below, and the first person gets it, I guess. Don't just gift it without confirming first - I have no need for more than one, and I don't want you wasting your points, unless you're gifting it out of pure generosity... in which case I'll offer the commission for 400 points to whoever wants it.

Listen to me assuming even one person is interested in the first place. Anyway, I appreciate your help, guys.

To Do List:
Bonnie (FNAF) for friend (March 2015) - yikes
Doubleclick for Ask-Pink-Pony Anniversary (May 2016)
PixelFrey for Ask-Pink-Pony Anniversary (May 2016)
Keira Starlight for Ask-Pink-Pony Anniversary (May 2016)
Pumpkin Pie pony for self (Nov 2016)
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So, nobody cared about the last post I made about Dirge, which comes as no real surprise to me - Dirge has always been about what I wanted to do, and never because people liked it. And I can understand that, because how Dirge was before was probably quite hard for outsiders to care about, while the newer versions didn't last long enough to become interesting.

This may change, however, as my close friend and artistic superior JennyGodin suggested (on her own free will) to help me with a Dirge reboot. How it will work is that I shall conceive the plot and draw up a storyboard, while JennyGodin turns said storyboard into a proper comic page. This division of labour maximises productivity by letting each of us play to our strengths - I have always been a slow artist, especially with colour, while she struggles to write her own stories.

This Dirge reboot will take what the 2012 reboot tried to be and give it the life of the 2010-11 'Chronicles of Midghar' pages. This initiative is being spearheaded by the creation of a new Dirge Wiki, after the last one was forced to be shut down in 2014, this time hand-crafted using MediaWiki on private hosting. While this wiki isn't at a point I'd like to share it with the public (not that anyone would care anyway), I have put many hours into transferring, updating and solidifying the data from the old wiki to be a creative tool for JennyGodin and myself. This has meant that I haven't spent any time drawing since then, which I realise is hurtful to my "public image", but this is far more creatively rewarding than most other things I've been doing lately. This project hasn't replaced my other interests, such as the Ask Pink Pony comic, but let's just say I'm in a writing mood at the moment. I've been waiting (/putting off) to get this new wiki going for over a year, so I'm really excited to finally have the framework with which to channel my thoughts once more.

Ask Pink Pony

As mentioned above, I've not worked on APP since April 26th. Why do I know the date? Well, if you visit my Patreon you'll see that the first two panels of page 32 have been uploaded for the public ahead of its release. This is normally a patron-only feature, but I wanted to show what people could gain from supporting me - more frequent updates weeks ahead of the page's official release. I will be uploading the remainder of page 32's panels to Patreon when they're finished, but after that you'll have to donate $1 per complete page to see these advanced previews. Got an idea for a patron reward you'd like to see? Let me know below!


There's not really much to say about my life right now, so I'll keep it brief. My lovely friend Dylvi was extremely kind to gift me a copy of Undertale, which I am loving - Goatmum best mum. I also pre-ordered Overwatch after enjoying the open beta, which is a lot more than I would normally pay for a game... but I mean, this is Blizzard, it's not going on sale any time soon. Since its been so long since I played TF2, I decided to be more aggressive with what items I was willing to sell on the marketplace - getting rid of ones I liked, but never used - and made a surprising amount of money from that, which is nice. I'm also getting ready to put more stuff up on eBay, but boy is that tedious. Oh, and I watched WataMote. Tomoko is mai waifu 4eva.

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So here's the thing. Working on Dirge art for Uni has felt extremely forced, as I had all but canned the idea outside of my own head. But then it hit me while writing my report and detailing the story's history... It doesn't matter if the characters are bland, the story is generic or the art is bad - I was passionate about this world I created and the people in it from nothing more than a single, 4-year, 70-page long fight without a single line of dialogue (and barely any art, for that matter). A person could 'read' this story in a single sitting, but I grew 4-years older witnessing and crafting the struggles of my three protagonists, and why? Passion. I was basically creating new content for my favourite anime at the time with my own two hands, where I had complete and absolute control. I could be the girl that made cool things happen.

This is all irrelevant today, of course. Page 71 in 2009 was when I decided that I wanted to make Dirge my own, without piggybacking on its inspiration. The characters came to life and grew personalities beyond simple battle-forged loyalty, but this is where things started to take a downward turn... not in quality though - that was the best it had ever been, but that was the problem. Pages started taking a lot longer to produce because of all the details, so I dropped colouring them by page 77. It took over a year to produce those 6 (and 1 chapter title) pages! By page 80 I decided to up my game and start drawing in a more typical 'manga' style, as I always strive to push myself to be better... but this often causes me to burn out. Dirge ended at page 90 one year later, not even achieving one black-and-white page per-month, though this wasn't because I had given up on it - simply put, there was too much rubbish for people to 'read' though (pages 0-70) before getting to the actual story, so I decided to start again.

Dirge 2012 or Dirge: Reboot aimed to push my limits even further by drawing as realistically as possible and beginning prior to the start of the previous comic, which ran from September 2012 to mid-2013 (though uploaded much later) and spawned a grand total of 8 pages. I burnt out hard by pushing myself to create what simply wasn't possible for me to achieve. I'm no Satoshi Kon. My skills clearly lie in simple, stylised art.

So here we are in 2016, having produced no Dirge pages for nigh on 3 years. But being forced to confront my creations again (having to redo a topic I chose in 2013) I've come to realise where my passion came from. I had it right before. Keep the comic simple, fast, and try to tell the story as fast as I think of it (which is too damn fast), without getting bogged down in future plans or technical skill. I can keep the high-quality art (hah) to external beauty poses and concept art, while giving each comic character unique identifying mark (like Yuri's V-neck, Hagironi's mask or Mitsune's scar). Or maybe I'll give them hair... that's certainly the main point of identification in anime/manga.

So here's the poll: Would you want to see a return to Dirge's roots by me starting a new reboot, this time in the original 'meat-puppet' style?

I'll be redoing what the last reboot was supposed to, this time with much faster pages due to the simpler art. I don't know if it will be hand-drawn or coloured, but I'd like to know if people think it's a good art-style to use, or if it's simply too childish. Please let me know in the comments!

Of course I'll be working on my uni stuff until the 14th (I'm procrastinating badly with this) and I've got my other comic Ask Pink Pony to think of too, but I think they're different enough to want to do both.
So, I'll be waiting to hear your opinions!
Thanks for reading :3

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A quick post to show you some of what I'm working on.

Do you recognise who this character is? I've only drawn her once before, many years ago.
Vajra Sull 2015 by UnderwoodART

Also, I didn't want to spoil anything, but I might as well also give a preview of the Dr.Pinkie and Miss Pie kiriban I said I would draw a year and a half ago. In fact, I've not touched it since June 2014, so really I should have released a preview back then, rather than doing nothing and not working on it.

Doctor Pinkie and Miss Pie by UnderwoodART

Again, I apologise profusely for not working on it in so long that I'm sure you've forgotten about it. I've literally not felt like making an effort with my art for that long. I've practically given up on art completely, if you can believe that with the slow but steady stream of art blog entries I've made. But really that's just fanart poop, and I've not touched any real art in years, which you can see by my lack of Dirge updates/drawings, which was something I was once passionate about, but have come to feel nothing for, like everything else in my life.

Anyway, again, I'm very sorry for having not worked on this in forever. I do hope I finish it one day.
This is why there was no 40k kiriban, which i recently hit.

========== Gift Status ==========
:bulletyellow: 35k Kiriban: D-Molish requested Dr.Pinkie and Miss Pie - 21% (Lineart)
:bulletyellow: Gift for Michelle, FNAF Bonnie - 10% (Sketch)
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I wasn't going to write another journal like this so soon, but now we're getting into the nitty-gritty of the Pink Pony backstory, I'm realising on just how much of the canon-universe Pinkie has missed out on. I cryptically referenced her past on Page 2, and referred to it again somewhat more directly on Page 6, so it shouldn't be a huge shock that the timelines diverged during 'A Party of One', but lets take a look at what that means Pinkie never experienced:

:bulletpink: Pinkie never went to the Grand Galloping Gala
:bulletpink: Pinkie never met Discord
:bulletpink: Pinkie doesn't know the Cakes had children
:bulletpink: Pinkie never met Cranky Doodle
:bulletpink: Pinkie never saw the Changelings, or knows that Twilight has a brother
:bulletpink: Pinkie never saw the Crystal Empire
:bulletpink: Pinkie never found the Mirror Pool
:bulletpink: Pinkie was not affected by Twilight's spell in 'The Magical Mystery Cure', as her Element was in an inactive state. Fluttershy got Loyalty instead.
:bulletpink: Castle Mane-ia.
:bulletpink: Pinkie never found her possible connection to the Apple family.
:bulletpink: Pinkie never met Cheese Sandwich.

I'm still keeping things under-wraps, and the next page or two will detail Pink Pony's origin-story, but this is as much of a list for me as it is for you to mull over. What's life in Equestria like without Laughter?

In other news, 10 is in production and as mentioned on 9's page, it will be in Pinkie's felt-imagination. It's super fun to do, but slightly time consuming, so we'll see how long it takes. One panel down already though!

And now a question for anyone who's read this: Would you pay for (commission) me to draw your OCs? If so, how much would you consider fair, and if not, why?

Thanks for reading, and I hope you hang around for the next page!

[Removed outdated links]
-O-=Papermon Pokedex=-O-

A list for all my Papermon (Pokemon Paperchildren), listed first by series, then by National Pokedex Number. At the bottom is a guide to commissions, a guide to the different Papermon versions, and a Series 1 'rarity' guide.


By Series:

Series 1: Introduction
#01 - Deerling Spring Variation
#02 - Klink Valentines Ver.
#03 - Tepig
#04 - Munna
#05 - Vulpix
#06 - Reuniclus Sleeping Ver.
#07 - Lillipup
#08 - Marill with Shooting Star
#09 - Mew Valentines Ver.
#10 - Duosion Battle Ver.
#11 - Venipede Musical Ver.
#12 - Shiny Darumaka Battle Ver.
#13 - Shiny Zebstrika
#14 - Bouffalant
#15 - Timburr
#16 - Joltik
#17 - Charmander Interactive Ver. - Finger Biting
#18 - Pichu, Brother #1
#19 - Charmander Interactive Ver. - Holding Hand, Hanging
#20 - Oshawott Miniature Ver.
#21 - Simisear
#22 - Snivy with Flower Prop
#23 - Pichu, Brother #2 Fur Scruff
#24 - Moltres
#25 - Kakuna

Series 2: Commissions and Others
#26 - Ponyta
#27 - Skitty
#28 - Absol
#29 - Piplup
#00 - :bulletred:
#00 - :bulletred:
#00 - :bulletred:

By Pokedex #:

#004 - Charmander: IV. - Finger Biting - IV. - Holding Hand, Hanging
#014 - Kakuna
#037 - Vulpix
#077 - Ponyta
#146 - Moltres
#151 - Mew Valentines Ver.
#172 - Pichu: Brother #1 - Brother #2 (Scruff)
#183 - Marill with Shooting Star
#300 - Skitty
#359 - Absol
#393 - Piplup
#495 - Snivy with Flower Prop
#498 - Tepig
#501 - Oshawott Miniature Ver.
#506 - Lillipup
#514 - Simisear
#517 - Munna
#523 - Shiny Zebstrika
#532 - Timburr
#543 - Venipede Musical Ver.
#554 - Shiny Darumaka Battle Ver.
#578 - Duosion Battle Ver.
#579 - Reuniclus Sleeping Ver.
#585 - Deerling Spring Variation
#595 - Joltik
#599 - Klink Valentines Ver.
#626 - Bouffalant


Series 2: Guide to Commissions:
:bulletblack: I will only take the three applicants at a time, and this is not to say that I will be working on all three at once or that they will be a priority.
:bulletblack: Please try to be diverse and personal. I don't want three Pikachu commissions at once. I will not do more than one of any Pokemon per commission group, and I reserve the right to make you re-choose. Please try to pick Pokemon that haven't already been done - I want to fill this Pokedex up!
:bulletblack: Prices will be determined on a commission-by-commission basis, depending on what is asked for (such as complexity or physical delivery).
:bulletblack: If you want something but you're stuck for ideas, please note he guide just below, listing the numerous Versions Papermon can appear in.

A Guide to Papermon Versions
Here's a quick list of the different versions of Papermon you can find. Click the title for an example:
:bulletwhite: Normal Version - This is the standard, unidentified Papermon version, for those that aren't behaving in any particular fashion. This is the most common version you'll find.
:bulletwhite: Battle Version - This version is for Papermon showing off their attacks, which tends to make for larger Papermon.
:bulletwhite: Valentines Version - This version is for love-related Papermon, either in pairs or on their own, usually found with a large red heart. These can be made any time, not just for Valentines Day. A personal note can be added.
:bulletwhite: Musical Version - This version is for Papermon that love to dress-up and go to Musicals, as seen in Pokemon Black and White! These items can be anything, not just from the game.
:bulletwhite: Sleeping Version - This version is for Papermon who love to sleep. Not much is cuter than a peaceful Papermon!
:bulletwhite: Cosplay Version - This version is for Papermon who love to dress-up as other characters, even from other worlds! This is the least common version you'll find.
:bulletwhite: Interactive Version - This version is for Papermon who love to be played with, be it holding hands with its owner or hanging from an object. On its own it might look a little odd, so be sure it give it a nice home and something to play with!
:bulletwhite: Miniature Version - This is an uncommon Papermon version for tiny companions. This is the 'budget' Papermon, and the cheapest you'll find.
:bulletwhite: Shiny Version - This is a rare Papermon sub-version, for those that are coloured differently than usual. This can either be the official Shiny colour-scheme or something original.

Series 1: How Rare is your Papermon?
Some Papermon are rarer than others. Here's a simple guide to the known recurring rare attributes:
:bulletyellow: - Papermon with a fondness for gold have this attribute, as they glisten in the light. There's nothing like the glitter of real gold.
:bulletyellow: - Shiny Papermon sparkle with a golden radiance, letting everyone know how rare they are.
:bulletyellow: - Shiny Papermon can come in more colour combinations than you might expect, the rarest of which have never been seen before.
:bulletyellow: - Papermon often love to stuff their faces with food, though only some can be caught in the act.
:bulletyellow: - Papermon enjoy competing, some so much they would happily describe themselves as 'made for competition'.
:bulletyellow: - Papermon are sometimes said to be attracted to trainers who desperately want specific ones.
:bulletyellow: - Papermon sometimes freely decide to follow trainers, without them needing to do a thing.
:bulletyellow: - Mini-Papermon are uncommon but popular among trainers for their cute size and ease-of-capture.
:bulletyellow: - Papermon love to collect things, sometimes bringing them everywhere they go.

--= Dirge: The Index =--

All pictures below are listed in their categories from old to new - for the newest images, check the bottom of each list.


--=  Dirge 2012 Reboot =--

---Chapter 1---
Dirge - 001
Dirge - 002
Dirge - 003
Dirge - 004
Dirge - 005
Dirge - 006
Dirge - 007
Dirge - 008


--= Art by Others =--

Maya Amusaki (by zoro4me3)
Koschev Ruularvich (by chichi2010)
Maya Amusaki (by Zhyrhe)


--= Newest Art =--

Yuri and Laura
Jake Smith (Reference 2)
John Doe (Reference Sheet)


--= Lightown =--

Yuri Karisho:
Yuri Karisho (A3 Size - old)
Chibi Yuri (old)
Manga Page: Yuri (Edited) - (Original)
Promo 006 - Demonic Yuri (old)
Promo 010 - Yuri
Demonic Yuri (Early Ver. - Non-canon)
Yuri: Desert Costume
Yuri Sketch Collection
Yuri: Infiltrator Costume
Yuri: Alternate 'Real' World Costume
Chillin' - Lineart (Yuri)
DR: Enraged Yuri Concept
Yuri Karisho Wiki Profile Picture

Birah Kaito:
Promo 009 - Birah
Birah Khyto
Birah - Cursed lv1 (Non-canon)
Birah - Cursed lv2 (Non-canon)
Birah (Future Version)
DR: Birah Khyto Concept

Maya Amura:
Maya Amusaki
Maya (Non-canon)
DR: Maya Amusaki Concept
Maya Digital Portrait

Lacy von Brandt:
Lacy Kohyoh (Final) - (Line Art)
Lacy Kohyoh: Infinity Heat

Yuri, Maya & Birah (old)
Childhood Memories of Yuri
Dirge: Yuri and Maya
Yuri and Laura

Kinryuu Wanton
Ai Kirashiro
Jurask Kital
Nouri Parizad
Toyotora Mizu
Ivy Ito
Amisi Drake
Michael Yu
Sonya Locke
Mina Chan (Final) - (Line Art)
Sapphire Stone (Final) - (Line Art)
Nicola Valencia
Jake Smith (Reference)
Jake Smith (Reference 2)

--= Darkness =--

Hagironi Fusaki:
Hagironi Plushie (old)
Hagironi: Warrior Costume

Mitsune Rinn:
Promo 008 - Mitsune (old)
Mitsune Oni

Reios Valentine:
Reios (early)
Reios Valentine

Riona Xi:
Rikasuru Amusaki (old)
Rikasuru Amusaki

David 'Halloween' Zeppelin:
Halloween, Stage 3 Concept

Promo 005 - Darkness Cast (old)
Hagironi & Mitsune (old)
Darkness Leadership
'Twin Nocturne' (Final) - (Line Art)

Kudori (early ver.) - (Non-canon)
"Unbalanced" - Kano Ruularvich
Koschev Ruularvich (Final) - (Line Art)
Mitsuko Taaju
Shiro Terragaki
Sinitiea Ventura (Final) - (Line Art)
John Doe (Reference Sheet)

--= Mixed Groups =--

Yuri & Hagironi (old)
Promo 001 - Main Cast (old)
Promo 002 - Main Cast (old)
Promo 003 - Yuri and Hagironi (old)
Promo 004 - Yuri and Hagironi (old)
Promo 007 - Yuri and Hagironi (old)
'Rebellion' - Main Cast
Dirge Characters - Yurraki Ni and Vajra Sull
Dirge Cast A3
Sisterly Love - Maya and Riona

--= Misc. Characters =--

'Ninja Swordsman'
Kenobi, the Blind Warrior
Kratos Shinji
"Want Some?" - Axel Tyrann

--= Dirge: Realisation Scenes =--

DR: Scene 01 - World War 3
DR: Scene 04 - Midghar Island Concept
DR: Scene 05 - Lightown
DR: Scene 08 - Team Gamma
DR: Scene 10 - Lightown Hall
DR: Scene 12 - Team Epsilon
DR: Scene 17 - Apollo's Throne
DR: Scene 21 - Birah's Weakness
DR: Scene 27 - Lightown in Flames
DR: Scene 44 - Broken Horizon Compilation

--= Places and Objects =--

Midghar Map (Concept)
World Map (Concept)
Dark Cruiser Concept Art

--= Others =--

Dirge: CoM Logo (old)
Storyboard CD-Cover (old)
Storyboard Animated Avatar (old)
DeviantART ID: Dirge Map (old)
Early Character Concepts (old)
Trading Card Game Idea (old)
Dirge Manga Opening
RPG-style Idea (old)
Dirge 72 W.I.P.
Page 78 Concept
Page 79 Concept
Alt. Character Concept
Dirge: CoM Title Logo


--= Animation =--

Dirge: The Movie Trailer Dirge Realisation Project


--= Dirge: The Storyboard =--

---Scroll 1 --- Chapter 1--- (1.1)
Page 01
Page 02
Page 03
Page 04
Page 05
Page 06
Page 07
Page 08
Page 09
Page 10
Page 11
---Chapter 2--- (1.2)
Page 12
Page 13
Page 14
Page 15
Page 16
Page 17
Page 18
Page 19
Page 20
Page 21
Page 22
Page 23
Page 24
Page 25
Page 26
Page 27
Page 28
Page 29
---Chapter 3--- (1.3)
Page 30
Page 31
Page 32
Page 33
Page 34
Page 35
Page 36
Page 37
Page 38
Page 39
Page 40
Page 41
Page 42
Page 43
Page 44
Page 45
Page 46
Page 47
Page 48
Page 49
Page 50
Page 51
Page 52
Page 53
Page 54
Page 55
Page 56
---Chapter 4--- (1.4)
Page 57
Page 58
Page 59
Page 60
Page 61
Page 62
Page 63
Page 64
Page 65
Page 66
Page 67
Page 68
Page 69
Page 70
---Scroll 2 --- Chapter 5--- (2.1)
Page 71
Page 72
Page 73
Page 74
Page 75
Page 76
Page 77
Page 78
Page 79
Page 80
Page 81
Page 82
Page 83
Page 84
Page 85
Page 86
Page 87
Page 88
Page 89
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It's been a long time coming, but Page 80 of Dirge: Chronicles of Midghar will be drawn 'properly' and will no longer rely on the simplistic 'meat-puppet' style to speed up production (because it no longer works, due to the increasing amount of detail being applied to the panels, despite the simple style). Not only this, but Dirge will be adopting a more traditional manga approach by foregoing any colour to rely on the detailed characters and shading to tell the story effectively from this point on. Otherwise the story is not effected - it will be continuing from page 79 like any other page and will remain in its landscape layout, though actual panels will be used, not just a divided page, and will continue to be read from left-to-right.

Ironically, these changes are being implemented to reduce the time between conception to upload by removing the most time-consuming and production halting factor - colouring. Not only am I rarely inclined to colour, I feel quite strongly that it brings down the overall quality of my work both due to my skill and tools I have available. Without colour, however, the old style would make it very hard to distinguish the different characters bar a few (Yuri's undershirt, Maya's... breasts, Mitsune's scar, etc.), especially now that a lot of new characters will be appearing, which requires me to draw these characters as they're intended to look. While this may increase the length of planning and inking time, cutting out colouring time makes it seem more than worth the change, now that I am more confident in my ability to draw 'normally'.

The main reason things are taking so long at the moment is that I made the very unwise decision to start more than one page at the same time, mainly due to drawing two concept pages while unable to draw properly. These pages, Here and Here, along with page 75 (before today), the chapter title page, page 76 and 77 were all in production at the same time, severely stretching my time between each. Now with page 80 being drawn to my full ability, and yes, at the same time, I'm trying to hurry my completion of these old pages so I may focus on exhibiting my full potential on pages 80+.

What with page 80 being colourless, in one day I was able to get further on that picture from scratch than I have been on the last four pages. Nevertheless, despite my decision to draw properly from now on, these pages that i need to catch up on will continue to be drawn and coloured as they have been up to this point. Also, for those who care, all title pages will continue to be coloured as they have been since the beginning.

Dirge is as much of an evolving organism as I am, in fact you could say we are one and the same. As I progress and grow, so will this story. For those of you who have been with me through this journey from the beginning, I hope you will be able to look back on what dirge was, what it is, and look forward to what it will become. Just like my progression from pencil to ink, and from The Ninja Storyboard to Dirge: Chronicles of Midghar, this is the next step in this story's evolution - a story you have but a fraction of knowledge about - something, in time, I hope I can share all of with you. So for now, please be patient as I finish of the last few pages of Dirge as it has been drawn for the past 6 years as we enter a new era.

Ten pages after Dirge was originally going to end in lieu of a Dirge manga when the time was right, now is not yet the right time for me to take things that seriously, though the time is getting closer. Just like The Ninja Storyboard was a hybrid of storyboard and comic, Dirge has progressed into a proto-comic stage, and who knows what the future holds.

Once again I want to thank you, my friends, who have stuck with me for so very long, putting up with my quest for improvement and the fluctuations of my life. To have people comment on my Dirge works is a wonderful thing for me, especially when they can comment on the present events knowing full-well those in the past. It's because of you that I haven't given up, and continue to strive to better myself and my work in your eyes, as well as my own.

So, thank you. I'll keep you posted on any further developments!

<Update> (20.7.10)
I just completed the title page of chapter 5 (which we are currently on) entitled "Peace". This has been slotted in to all relevant links, most importantly the Index. I would like to remind everybody that there is a link to the index at the bottom of this entry that is kept up-to-date with every Dirge-related submission.

<Update 2> (21.7.10)
Now, with the upload of page 77 (I'm finishing these fast!) I've come to the conclusion that I will be dropping colour from the series straight away. With the very light, highly shaded visuals of page 76, even with colour, it seemed like a good opportunity to fade from colour to monochrome. Page 77 was drawn with both inked shading and colour shading, which is the method i plan to use until page 80 - from then on, I'm unsure whether I will continue shading with colour, or leave the pages simply inked. Wish me luck keeping up this speed!

<Update 3> (24.7.01)

Finished: Pages 75, 76, 77, 78, Chapter 5 Title Page
Left to go: Pages 79 (Penciling+), 80 (Uploading)

JennyGodin's Challenge Status:
0 are coloured; 48 are fully inked; with 26 from Lightown and 22 from 'Darkness'. Status: Finished, Uncoloured - Awaiting scan
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Hey everyone!

I thought i would just let you all know that there's been an important development in the Ninja Storyboard saga... No, its nothing to do with the current story, history or characters ... that's right! Finally, after it's creation so many years ago, The Ninja Storyboard has A NAME!

>w< Yes!! Although I've been playing around with the idea for quite a while and with the final name for a bit, I've decided to finally announce it!
The new name of The Ninja Storyboard is "Dirge: Chronicles of Midghar"!
I hope you like it :) I found it to be a fitting name for the amount of war and conflict that seems to brew within this alternate dimension of Earth.
On the same point, I'm trying to think of a way to get my Dirge story onto the web, so you guys can read it, without anyway someone can steal it from me... any ideas? I could use the help!

In other news, i did a bit more colouring on the last Storyboard page (after all, it may have a name, but it is 'still' a storyboard and not a manga... yet), which i may or may not get done tonight... I'll try my hardest!!
On the same note, due to Dirge being named, i am going to delete Ninja-Storyboard and return all the art back to this site. Two sites was too much for me to manage alone and i wasn't looking forward to moving the other 50-odd pages... u_u
I'll try to re-summarise the other pages so you get a clearer look at what's happening... but that will take a long time!

Thanks for your patience guys... i would greatly appreciate it if you comment on the pictures i move back here from Ninja-Storyboard ... i know its very troublesome, but it would show me you care :D

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a very happy new year!! Hope to hear back from you all soon!

Lots of love, UnderwoodART

PS. I went to the dentist a little while ago and they drilled a hole in my back tooth!! It was horrible and they didn't give me any anaesthetic T_T It was the first time I've had anything done, too! ... I'm never drinking coke again...

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