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Starswirl's Tower Concept Art by UnderwoodART Starswirl's Tower Concept Art :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 9 6 A Good Book (Sketchathon) by UnderwoodART A Good Book (Sketchathon) :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 25 8
The Tale of Two Sisters - Chapter Three
Chapter Three: When You Stare into the Mirror, the Mirror Stares Back
“Luna, do you ever think we'll see Mummy and Daddy again?” Celestia asked as she stared at the ceiling of the princesses' shared room, lit only by the starlight of the window. She had no idea what time it was, but when the moon comes up you should be in bed, right? “They said Queen Mummy had gone away and Daddy was busy, but that was so long ago...”
“Yeah, I guess all we can do is wait.” She turned over, her sheets wrapped around her snugly, though not a suitable replacement for a parent's embrace. “Just gotta wait...”
A moment of silence passed, punctuated only by the sounds of Baby Luna rummaging her sheets and the distant clop of hooves on stone, down some far hallway.
“Do you think they're dead?” Celestia spoke up again. “Do you think that Mummy, and Daddy, and Uncle all died, and we're the only ones
:iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 2 0
Pinkamena Sly Face by UnderwoodART Pinkamena Sly Face :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 9 1 Pinkamena Fear (APP#64) by UnderwoodART Pinkamena Fear (APP#64) :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 7 2 Everfree Logo Test Sketch by UnderwoodART Everfree Logo Test Sketch :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 4 7 Starswirl the Scholar (The Tale of Two Sisters) by UnderwoodART Starswirl the Scholar (The Tale of Two Sisters) :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 8 4 King and Queen Concepts (The Tale of Two Sisters) by UnderwoodART King and Queen Concepts (The Tale of Two Sisters) :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 6 0
The Tale of Two Sisters - Chapter Two
Chapter Two: Reflection
Celestia fidgeted as she peered over her windowsill, looking down at the vast and colourful world below. It had been months since she was last allowed outside the palace. Being home-schooled by Starswirl the Scholar wasn't so bad, even if he was a strict teacher, but that minor comfort had been lost on her for weeks now. What was going on? Where was everypony?
She sighed.
A small rustling noise from behind made her ears twitch. Jumping down from the window, Celestia made her way over to the noise. Standing up on her hind-legs to look into the crib, a restless Luna was mindlessly kicking at her sheets and sucking her hoof. At least she didn't know what she was missing.
“Looks like it's going to be just you and me from now on...”
Meanwhile, in the court wizard's tower, Starswirl sat hunched over a tattered scroll, furiously scribbling down notes using a magically-controlled quill. Something had come together after days upon day
:iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 4 0
Pegasus Tranquility (Warmup) by UnderwoodART Pegasus Tranquility (Warmup) :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 5 2 Friendship Magic (Warmup) by UnderwoodART Friendship Magic (Warmup) :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 9 4 Mane Six Changelings Sketches by UnderwoodART Mane Six Changelings Sketches :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 13 5 Monster 12 - Budleaf, Mawvine, Carnivine by UnderwoodART Monster 12 - Budleaf, Mawvine, Carnivine :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 11 4 Tecondra Commission by UnderwoodART Tecondra Commission :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 14 7 Monster 11 - Bellusk, Divinbell, Biosub by UnderwoodART Monster 11 - Bellusk, Divinbell, Biosub :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 10 1 Ask-Pink-Pony #65 by UnderwoodART Ask-Pink-Pony #65 :iconunderwoodart:UnderwoodART 14 7

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Fourteen years is a long time to be on a website, and while this view-count is a lot smaller that others who have been around this long, I'm still grateful that anyone views my art at all. I don't know where my future will take me, but I'm sure that art will continue to be a part of it for as long as I live, as well as my love for the Friendship is Magic universe. So to all of you, whatever content you watched me for, thank you. Let me know what things of mine are your favourite, so I know to do more of it in the future! (I'm not so stupid as to add even more to my enormous to-do list right now.)

Right now I'm currently streaming some creative writing on Picarto. It's not in celebration or anything, it's just happening, so pop in and say hi, if you like. [Update] 4 hour stream over. Thanks to yuppi12 and Paperstain545 for coming!

Sketchathon Backlog Progress:
01st - Tempest Shadow as Mary Poppins (jppiper) Bullet; Green
02nd - Pinkie Pie cuddling Fluttershy happily (yuppi12) Bullet; Green
03rd - Adult Kumquat (MrSquirl) Bullet; Green
04th - Diamond Dogs (EmerySnowtail) Bullet; Green
05th - Starlight Glimmer and Pinkie Pie being cute and romantic together (Sabr3cat-1453) Bullet; Yellow
06th - Celestia happily watching filly-Twilight sleeping (RoyalFeline) :bulletgreen:
07th - Cloudy Quartz with her mane down looking happy (Vile-Flesh) Bullet; Red
08th - Princess Skystar and Elsa from Frozen (jppiper, 2nd Request) Bullet; Red
09th - Daring Do stuck in a quicksand pit and looking annoyed while saying : "Not again" (yuppi12, 2nd Request) Bullet; Red
Work in Progress:
Dirge: The Chronicles of Midghar (Dec 24th, 2003) - Comic: Pending Reboot; Wiki: Rarely Bullet; Red
Ask-Pink-Pony Comic (Feb 12th, 2014) - Page 66 (25th March, 2018) - Ongoing Bullet; Green
Pinkie Pie Live2D Model for FaceRig (Jan 11th, 2017) - Paused Bullet; Red
Ask-Pink-Pony Comic Reboot (May 19th, 2017) - Page 1-5 - Paused Bullet; Red
Ambient.White - A Little Bit Different Concept Artist (May->Dec, 2017) - Quit Bullet; Red
"Apple Parents" for EmerySnowtail (July 2017) - Colouring Bullet; Green
ADRAX (Interactive RPG Blog) (July 29th, 2017) - Page 11 (Sept 5th, 2017) - Indefinite Hiatus Bullet; Red
[Patreon Reward] for EmerySnowtail (Sept 2017) - Pending Request Bullet; Red
[Example Work for Overmare Studios] (Sept 16th, 2017) - Paused Bullet; Red
Ask-Pink-Pony Origin Short Story (Oct 15th, 2017) - Ongoing/Proof-reading Bullet; Green
The Tale of Two Sisters Short Story (Oct 25th, 2017) - Paused Bullet; Yellow
Z'ian Turnaround (Oct 27th, 2017) - Paused Bullet; Yellow
Tempest Shadow (Non-V-Costume) (Nov 4th, 2017) - Paused Bullet; Red
[Patreon Reward] for EmerySnowtail (Nov, 2017) - Pending Request Bullet; Red
Unnamed Game Dev - Artist (5th Dec, 2017 -> March, 2018) - Quit Bullet; Red
[Patreon Reward] for EmerySnowtail (Dec, 2017) - Pending Request Bullet; Red
February Sketchathon (Feb, 2018) - Cancelled; Finishing backlog, see above Bullet; Yellow
[Next Digipony Drawing] - Unstarted Bullet; Red
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